White Electric Multi-Cooker Rice Cooker


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The Panasonic 5-Cup-Uncooked Rice and Grains Multi-Cooker offers high-efficiency with delicious flavorful rice and a variety of other foods. Its 5-cup uncooked rice capacity prepares 10-cups of freshly cooked rice-idea for couples and families in any size kitchen. Choose from 16 preprogrammed option for a variety of rice and grains including regular, quinoa, quick, multi grain, sticky, brown, sushi, frozen, and more. When done, a convenient keep-warm function maintains the ideal serving temperatur in for up to 12-hours. Gourmet accessories include an adjustable steaming basket, rice measuring cup, rice scoop, and cereal scoop.

6-layer, easy-clean, nonstick inner pan combines heat-transmitting and heat-retaining metals and coatings for up 5-cups (uncooked), 10 cups (cooked) of fresh, evenly textured rice and grains

16-preset cooking programs to prepare a variety of rice and grains, including white, quinoa, quick cook, brown rice, jasmine rice, multi-grains, plus soups, slow-cook meals, and more

Detachable aluminum inner lid and steam vent can be easily removed for cleaning and effortlessly reattached

Keep warm function

Includes rice scoop, cereal scoop and measuring cup, adjustable steaming basket, sturdy carrying handle, and 16-page, multilingual recipe book