Visions 5L Dutch Oven-VSD 5/CL1


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Add this lid to your 5-litre Dutch-oven dish to expand your cooking options and keep foods warm on the table. A chefs favorite for generations, Visions see-through glass-ceramic is outstanding for stovetop and oven, microwave and freezer, and it looks great for serving.



    • Versatile glass ceramic is ideal for water-based cooking
    • Safe for cooking on both electric and gas stovetops
    • Resists stains and does not absorb food odors or flavors
    • Cookware is dishwasher, freezer, microwave, preheated-oven, broiler and stovetop safe
    • Lids are dishwasher, freezer, microwave, preheated-oven and stovetop safe
    • 10-year limited warranty on cooking vessel
    • 2-year limited warranty on?lid
    • Vessel made in France, Pyrex Lids made in China


Item code: VSD-5/CL1

Outer Dimension: 27.5cm x 13.5cm

Weight: 4.1kg

Volume: 4.7L