Retro Series 12-Slice Red Convection Toaster Oven with Built-in Timer


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Cooking has never been easier with this stylish 1500-watt countertop oven. This unit is capable of baking, convection baking, toasting and broiling a wide variety of tasty meals, snacks and desserts. With an adjustable cooking temperature of 200 to 450, this two shelf unit has the versatility to bake two 12-in. pizzas, carefully toast twelve slices of bread, or neatly broil tenderloin steaks. Easily keep track of cooking times by using the built-in 60-minute timer that elicits an audible ding when done. Two nickel-plated racks, an aluminum baking pan, and crumb tray are included.

Large capacity: large 0.7 cu. ft. capacity allows you to fit up to 12-slices of bread or two 12-in. pizzas and can be used to make casseroles, steaks, cookies or other delicious meals

Multi-functioning toaster: choose between your desired settings – bake, toast, convection bake and broil, the indicator light will let you know when unit is on

Adjustable temperature: adjustable temperature ranges from 200 to 450°F and features four-stage heating selections – upper, lower, upper & lower and off

Built-in timer: 60-minute timer will ding when food is done and the stay-on function allows you to bake longer

Clear-view window: see-through, high temperature resistant glass window with stainless steel handle allows you to see your food while it cooks

Easy clean up: as if cooking isn’t easy enough, the baking pan, wire racks and crumb tray are removable, making cleanup a breeze