Pyrex Optima Deep Fry Pan 26cm-1140051


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Item code: 1140051

Size: 26cm

Weight: 965g

Pyrex Optima+, a sturdy aluminum cookware range suitable for induction and designed to make cooking on a daily basis easier. The lightweight aluminum quickly rises in temperature and distributes heat evenly, making it ideal for daily cooking. The range offers an ultra-resistant non-stick coating, ensuring exceptional ultra-glide performances. Thanks to its wide shape, the ergonomic handle provides a safe and comfortable grip. Plus, Pyrex cookware is dishwasher safe and comes with a 10 year guarantee for added peace of mind.

Suitable for Induction, Halogen, Gas, Vitro-ceramic, Electric stovetops

No PFOA, No Lead, No Cadmium, No BPA

Ultra-resistant 2 layer non-stick coating

Quickly rises in temperature and distributes heat evenly

Full induction bottom disk?

Ergonomically designed wide handle with a thumb rest and a soft touch finish provides improved stability and comfort

Dishwasher safe

Serves: 3 – 4

10 year guarantee