Power XL Vortex Pro Air Fryer- 4 qt. Black


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PowerXL vortex pro air fryer 4 qt. powered by vortex rapid air technology, the 4 qt. PowerXL vortex air fryer delivers deliciously crispy results while replacing 7 appliances in one compact, space-saving design. It allows you to cook fast, easy meals without having to preheat traditional oven appliances. vortex rapid air circulation generates powerful airflow to reach high temperatures and cook around all sides of your food for even oneness throughout and a hot, golden-fried finish. A full menu of 10 intuitive presets allows you to make pizzas, bake cookies, broil meat, fish, and vegetables, dehydrate fruit snacks and veggie chips, and even revive last night’s leftover pizza with a crispy finish. Just press one of the buttons on the easy-to-read LED digital touchscreen or program your own time and temperature.

Fry tray allows you to cook food closer to the heating element for broiling with a crispy, bubbly finish

1 touch LED panel with 10 custom presets: French fries, fish, eggs, chicken wings, bake, broil, dehydrate, defrost, vegetable, reheat

See-through window and internal light allow you to watch your meals as they cook

Large-capacity air fryer serves 4 plus depending on serving size

2 cooking levels allow you to cook entire meals at 1 time

Includes removable 4 qt. nonstick fry basket with removable crisper tray