MultiMix HM1010BK 5-Speed Black Hand Mixer with MultiWhisk Beater, Dough Hook, Accessories Storage Bag


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Enjoy easy baking with the new MultiMix 1 Hand Mixer. Fast and easy preparation for all your favorite baked goods with the silent 200W motor. Mix with the MultiWhisk Beater, a unique Braun design for faster whisking or use the dough hook accessory for thick doughs and breads. Choose from 5 different speeds for precise mixing results with a mixer that is designed for comfort and flexibility to let you enjoy the baking process.

Extra lightweight: makes mixing so much easier

200W Motor: A quiet motor that is still powerful enough to knead dough

MultiWhisk Beater: delivers faster whisking thanks to the combined whisk and beater design

Dough Hooks: Perfect for mixing doughs and breads

5 Speeds: Deliver precise mixing control and results

Small & Compact: Fits easily in your hand for more comfort and flexibility

Storage: Includes a convenient cord wrap and accessory bag