Livenza Dual Zone Digital 4.5L Stainless Steel Deep Fryer with Easy Clean Drain System


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The De’Longhi Livenza Deep Fryer with Easy Clean System, model D44528DZ, makes it easy to cook for a larger family or entertain a crowd with its 3.3 lbs. capacity. The featured Easy Clean System makes the cleaning process a cinch with an integrated spout that allows you to drain oil directly from the fryer, without ever having to touch it. The new Livenza Deep Fryer also offers an increased oil capacity of up to 1 gallon along with a unique “Cool Zone” area so your oil stays 20% cleaner with less odor and less oil absorbed into the food. The Livenza Deep Fryer also features an adjustable thermometer that allows you to cook delicious food like fried chicken, fresh donuts and even tempura vegetables evenly and efficiently every time. The removable basket makes it easy and safe to pull your sizzling treats out of the oil and enjoy immediately.

Leftover oil is quickly and easily removed with the easy clean draining system

Dual-zone technology prevents fallen food from burning which reduces odor and keeps oil clean

The lower temperature of the cool zone extends the use of oil by 20% – which amounts to a considerable cost savings

In addition to the easy clean system, the dishwasher-safe parts allow you to enjoy stress-free cleanup

Large, 1 Gal oil capacity lets you fry larger quantities for friends, family and even parties

The removable basket makes it easy and safe to take sizzling food out of the oil

The adjustable thermostat gives you the power to prepare foods exactly the way you like them

Oil cycle counter will inform you when it is time to change the oil

Less oil is absorbed into food, leaving you with light and crispy mouthwatering bites

Detachable cord with patented condensation shield

Non-slip feet keep fryer in place

Solid stainless steel construction is equally matched by our durable design