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Designed to support your healthy lifestyle, this compact air fryer is easy to use and features an advanced microprocessor for perfect results every time. Enjoy the rich flavors and crispy textures of all your favorite deep-fried foods without all the oil and mess. No more straining and dumping used fryer oil鈥攏ow you can use as little as 2 tablespoons of oil and get the same result. Sacrifice the calories, not the experience!

Easy to use, easy to clean, fast, versatile and convenient. Make all your family鈥檚 fried favourites without the mess and guilt. Experience a world of flavour with the touch of a button.



    • Air fry, roast, grill, bake, reheat and dehydrates to perfection, all in one appliance
    • Clean, Fast and Healthy Cooking: Get deep-fried flavour and perfectly crisp texture with 95% less oil for healthy and tasty versions of your favourites, without the oil and mess
    • The Perfect Crunch: EvenCrisp? technology ensures tender juicy meals with a crisp, golden finish, using little to no oil
    • Saves Time: The Vortex Plus heats in a fraction of the time of a regular oven, and cooks by circulating super-hot air around your food so it cooks faster and more thoroughly
    • Large Capacity: Air Fry Basket is large enough to fit a 1.8kg chicken or a bag of fries
    • Easy to Clean: Premium Stainless-Steel exterior is easy to wipe clean. The Air Fry Basket and Cooking Tray are removable and dishwasher safe.
    • Uses up to 80% less energy than traditional electric ovens, saving on energy consumption and cost*.
    *Based on UK study. Study conducted to assess energy usage in a 2400W electric oven and Pro Crisp 8L Multi Cooker + Air Fryer when cooking the same roast chicken recipe


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