Go Grains 4-Cup Pink Electric Grains and Rice Cooker


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Make perfect rice (or any other grain) with the press of a button-the Go Grains rice and grains cooker delivers flawless grains again and again! The no guess presets keep everything easy. From white rice and brown rice to quinoa and steel cut oats, Go Grains has the right setting to make your meal with the push of a button. The bowl features our signature healthy ceramic nonstick coating, which makes cleanup quick and easy. This coating is specially designed for countertop electrics, meaning it will start nonstick and stay nonstick! The Smart Grain feature uses fuzzy logic technology to automatically adjust and make your rice better. You’ll never settle for the stovetop again! Removable parts are dishwasher safe.

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No guess presets: white rice, brown rice, quinoa, steel cut oats-perfect every time

Smart grain: fuzzy logic technology automatically adjusts to make your rice better

Time for rice: delay timer and adjustable timing let you customize your cook

Easy-to-use control panel keeps cooking simple

Makes 4-cups of cooked rice

Dishwasher safe parts