Fritaire, Self-Cleaning Glass Bowl Air Fryer, 5 qt., 6 Functions, BPA Free, Rotisserie/Tumbler, Green


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Fritaire, the fun, BPA free and self cleaning air fryer that finally lets you see the cooking magic happening on the inside. With a unique glass-bowl design, integrated accessories and vibrant color options, the Fritaire air fryer is a 5-quart powerhouse of color and innovation. The tempered glass bowl design allows for 360° heat circulation and visibility, exact temperature control with a 1500-Watt large halogen bulb and convection vortex airflow for even heat distribution. Fritaire is unlike any air fryer on the market today. It makes cooking and cleaning so fun and simple. You never have to stop and open the air fryer to check the cooking progress, and have constant visibility. To clean the Fritaire, you can fill the bowl with water, add some dish soap and turn it on. The hot air- stream circulator does the rest, creating the first ever self-cleaning air fryer. Rinse, dry, and then fry.

Fritaire, the BPA free and self-cleaning air fryer that finally lets you see the cooking magic happening on the inside; see me air fry

So easy to clean: with Fritaire, you just fill the glass bowl with soapy water and let the hot air stream circulator rinse it out from the inside. rinse, dry, then fry

Healthier cooking: teflon free, plastic free, phthalate free

Convention perfection: a 1500-Watt 400F hot convection whirlwind swirls around the edges bowl, evenly touching everything on its path; no need to open or close to check; no loss of precious heat; result, your meals, faster and crispier

Fryday everyday: rotating cage and rotisserie accessories included for even and crispy results; with 360° of heat flow, air fry anything and everything you love

6 1-touch cooking functions: steak, chicken, seafood, french fries, bake, toast, de-hydrate

A truly stunning space saver: small enough to be cute. Large enough to feed the whole family; 5 qt. and serves 3-5 people

Satisfaction guaranteed: experiencing issues; our miami-based customer support team is here to help

Whats in the box: fritaire, accessories, rotisserie motor, grabber