Electric Stand Mixer 3.5 qt., 5 Speed Control, 250-Watt with 2 Blender Attachment Egg Beater Whisk and Dough Hook White


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Your Everyday Mixing SolutionEven while you can knead bread dough and mix mixtures by hand, an electric mixer is significantly more effective at these activities. Some handheld mixers lack the force necessary to whip up huge quantities of cookie and cake batter and knead the thick dough. Additionally, you must hold them the entire time, which can cause extreme hand and arm strain. We heard you, and we are here to help you make that dessert of yours in no time. Introducing, our Ovente 3.5 qt. Electric Professional Stand Mixer. With our Ovente Electric Professional Stand Mixer Series, you can quickly prepare sweet, savory delights and desserts. You can make mashed potatoes for your children or cupcake batter without getting your hands soiled. For a wide range of recipes, this will take care of all your blending and mixing requirements. You may stir, knead, beat, whip, or combine ingredients for cooking with this mixer, which boasts a strong 250-Watt motor. For your cakes, you can swiftly whisk batter and cream cold butter with its five mixing speeds. Because of its tilting motor head, the stand mixer’s stainless steel mixing bowl may be simply removed. Additionally, it features two different kinds of attachments: two dough hooks for kneading dough and two whisks for aerating your mixes.

Multifunction – make sweet, savory sweets and desserts easily with our ovente electric professional stand mixer series, puree mashed potatoes for your kids or mix batter for your cupcake- all without getting your hands dirty, this will handle all your blending and mixing needs for a wide variety of recipes

Mix it with ease – this mixer, which has a powerful 250-Watt motor, may be used to stir, knead, beat, whip, or mix culinary ingredients, with its five mixing speeds, you can quickly whip batter and cream cold butter for your cakes

Premium attachments – the stand mixer comes with a stainless-steel mixing bowl that can be removed easily thanks to its tilting motor head, plus, it has 2-kinds of attachments: 2-whisks for aerating your batters and 2-dough hooks for kneading dough

Compact design – space-saving and easy to store, this household stand mixer with easily fit anywhere in your kitchen, countertop, and cabinets, its classic retro style will give the aesthetic vibe that is surely a head-turner to your guests

US-based customer service – buy with confidence, ovente warranties that the product shall be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and conditions, for 1-year from the original purchase date