Electric Air Fryer Oven 3.8qt / 3.6L, 7 Cooking Presets, Digital Touch Controls


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Fry, bake, grill, or roast using little or no oil! Air fryers use rapid hot air circulation to make your food crispy on the outside and juicy inside. Set time and temperature using simple touchscreen controls or choose from 7 pre-set cooking modes.

3.6 L (3.8 qt) capacity air fryer basket

Touchscreen controls and clear digital LED display

7 pre-set cooking modes (fries, bacon, seafood, bake, chicken, beef, and pork or fish)

Rapid hot air circulation cooks food faster with little to no oil

BPA-free non-stick pan and stainless steel basket are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup

Choose from programmed cooking modes or manually set temperature and timer

1500 W countertop appliance fries, bakes, grills, or roasts

Cooks from all directions for a crispy exterior and juicy interior

Automatic standby mode with audible signal

Locking basket with one-handed release

Cool-touch handle for safety