DualDaddy Deep Fryer


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The Presto DualDaddy is a unique fryer and is perfect for making up to 8 big servings, fast and easy. A handy divider allows two different foods to fry at the same time without intermingling. Remove the divider and the fryer’s oval shape easily accommodates fish or larger pieces of chicken. The ideal frying temperature is maintained automatically.

The easy way to fry two foods at once-special divider keeps foods separated

Divider removes for Extra-large batches or big pieces of chicken or fish

Huge capacity fries up to 8-cups of food

Heavy cast aluminum body with non-stick finish, inside and out, for easy cleaning

The perfect frying temperature is maintained automatically with no controls to set or watch

Snap-on lid allows oil to be stored in the fryer to use again

Slotted scoop included