Cuisine Black Hot Dog Roller and Toaster Oven


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Nothing better than a great hot dog at the ballpark. With the Elite Cuisine Hot Dog Roller/Toaster Oven, you can have that ball park hot dog taste anytime. 5 stainless steel rollers ensure your hot dogs are evenly cooked every time and the built-in toaster makes the perfect bun. The versatility of the Elite Cuisine Hot Dog Roller / Toaster Oven makes preparing a wide variety of other breads and snacks as close as your own kitchen. So let your imagination take over for that next great event at home.

Five stainless steel heated rollers great for cooking hot dogs or sausages on all sides

30 min oven timer

Oil retaining tray catches oil drippings from cooking hot dogs

Great for heating other breads and snacks too

10 programmable options