Commercial Electric Deep Fryer 18.2 qt. Electric Countertop Fryer 3000 Watt Stainless Steel Dual Deep Fryer, Silver


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An ideal piece of equipment for your small business, perfect for your snack bars, concession stands, and much more! The VEVOR dual tank and independent thermostatic control designs allow you to cook two different foods at the same time at different temperatures. It’s about time you turned up the heat.

Diversify your cooking experience: with two separate 9.1 qt. oil tanks, this commercial electric deep fryer allow you fry different types of foods individually and maintain distinct flavors plus, it includes 2 removable baskets with a 4 qt. capacity for easy food removal perfect for delis, concession stands, snack bars, and parties

Quick and crispy: say goodbye to slow heat-ups each tank of this commercial electric fryer features a 1500-watt heating element that quickly heats the oil to your desired temperature this means you can cook you food quickly and thoroughly note: please use separate socket plates for each plug to minimize power loss risk, and please plug into a wall socket rather than a wiring plate-type socket

Adjustable heat settings: you’re in charge with the independent thermostatic control on each tank easily adjust the temperature from 122°F to 392°F (50-200°C), and get ready to bring on the heat also a thermal shutdown mechanism is equipped to automatically cut off the power if the oil reaches a temperature of 446°F/230°C

Easy and simple cleanup: all components of this fryer are easy to lift out, including the oil tanks. What’s more, the stainless steel exterior is a breeze to wipe down

Designed for your convenience: a coated, cool-touch handle ensures comfortable use, while the well-matched cover minimizes hot oil splashes the guard plate lying above the heating tube catches excess food crumbs and the front hook makes it easy to hang the fry basket for quick oil drainage