ChefCubii 1550-Watt 6-Slice White Convection Steam Oven with Air Fryer and Food Dehydrator


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ChefCubii is a 4-in-1 steam-combi oven by FOTILE that makes cooking, convenient, quick, and fun. It functions as a steam oven, a convection oven, an air-fryer, and a dehydrator. The featured Steam-Bake mode is the perfect way of preparing delicate bakes so that your cheesecake won’t crack and provides moisture in the baking process so your roast chicken will be perfectly crispy on the outside, and moist all the way through on the inside. For convenience, the ChefCubii has 40 preset menus available for a variety of cuisines that are fast and require effortless cooking. The oven features a Built-in Self-Clean Steam function that ensures there are no left-over odors or remaining food deposits which can create bacteria build up over time. The Self Clean function makes it easy to maintain your oven and keep it clean. The ChefCubii 4-in-1 combi oven makes cooking versatile and easy, all with one product.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL 4-IN-1 OVEN – Convection Bake, steam, air fry, dehydrate 4-in-1 versatile counter-top oven with a wide range of functions and precise temperature control , saves space and fulfills all your cooking needs.

Natural Flavors & Healthy Cooking: Features 3 steam modes to create moisture in the oven. A healthier way to cook that preserves valuable nutrients inside the food.

Four Heating Levels, Makes Baking Easy: A wide range of temperature control that offers precise amount of heat for diverse types of cooking

Make healthy and delicious homemade snacks! Using ChefCubii’s dehydrator function, it creates low steady heat to dry fruits and meats as a way to create healthy snacks at home.

No Oil, and No Fat: The best way to prepare fried food in a healthy way is to use ChefCubii’s Air Fry mode which circulates heat and crisps your food from all angles. It also eliminates excess grease from traditional frying methods.

40 Preset Menus: 40 Built-in Pre-set Recipes provides smart, effortless cooking that anyone can enjoy at home. Simply add the ingredients, press the menu button, and ChefCubii will select the temperatuee, cooking method, and time. All you have to do is bring your appetite! ChefCubii can make anyone into an instant Home Chef!

1 cu. ft. large capacity

FOTILE is offering (from date of purchase) one-year limited warranty on combi oven 1-year limited product warranty covers: 1-repair product with new or refurbished parts 2-replace product entirely, either with a new or refurbished product at no additional charge to consumer 3-replace defective parts that meet performance specifications of new parts for any applicable product