Big Bite Stainless Steel Fixed Position Meat Stand Mixer 50 lbs. for Big Bite Grinders #12 head or larger


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LEM mixer features a stainless steel hopper that’s easy to clean and is rust resistant. The gear box includes roller bearings to provide powerful torque for paddles thoroughly mix the meat. The meat tub detaches for easy cleaning. This fixed position Big Bite Stainless Steel Meat Mixers mixes large batches, small batches, or any size in between in just minutes. The 50 lbs. mixer tub measures 13-1/2 in. L by 10-5/8 in. W by 14-1/8 in. H. This 50 lbs. mixer works with Big Bite Grinders with a #12 head or larger. Motor NOT included. Includes clear, acrylic PMMA cover.

No more hand cranking attaches to a big bite grinder

50 lbs. capacity to accommodates various batch sizes

Mix manually with the included handle or use with a 0.75 HP

Rubberized, adjustable, self leveling feet

Removable hopper for easy cleaning

Includes a clear, acrylic cover with slit