8-Egg Stainless Steel Small Electric Product Type Egg Cooker with Buzzer


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Now you can cook the perfect healthy egg every time with this stylish stainless steel 8-egg cooker. Have to deal busy schedules or picky eaters, No problem. This cooker can make hard boiled eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, various salads and more – and can even be used to steam vegetables and make dumplings. With a touch of a button, cooking eggs has never been easier – just add your desired water and the alarm will sound once the eggs are done. All parts are detachable, making it easy to clean. This is the best way to prepare quick, healthy breakfasts.

1-touch cooking: simply fill up measuring cup to your desired water level, choosing between soft, medium or hard boiled, turn it on and within minutes alarm will let you know that breakfast is served!

8-egg capacity: egg tray allows you to cook up to 8-eggs at a time, delivering healthy, consistent results way you like it

Egg-celent recipes: egg cooker can make a variety of eggs such as soft, medium or hard-boiled eggs, egg whites, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, omelets, various salads, deviled eggs, egg sandwiches – and can even be used to steam vegetables and dumplings, perfect dish for any breakfast, dinner party or special event

Cool-touch handles: keep your hands safe with cool-touch handles, allowing you to open and close lid without burning yourself

Included: measuring cup with egg piercing tip, 8-egg tray, egg poacher/scrambled egg bowl, egg white separator are all included

Easy-to-clean: egg tray and stainless-steel steam cooking plate are detachable, as well as accessories, making clean up a breeze

Stainless steel compact design: its sleek, stainless steel small design makes it a must have for smaller kitchens, dorms, apartments and campers/RVS

Egg size: best used with large or smaller-sized eggs