8-Cup Uncooked / 16-Cup Silver Cooked Crunchy Persian Rice Cooker


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The Brentwood 8-Cup Crunchy Persian Rice Cooker cooks your rice to crunchy perfection. Choose your preferred level of crunch with the variable 60 minute knob timer. You can use this appliance for more than just cooking rice; heat chili, soups, rice pudding, oats, quinoa and more. Features a 1 touch operation with auto warming function once food is done cooking. Removable non stick pot, and cool touch handles for easy cleaning and serving. Includes a measuring cup and serving paddle.

Material: stainless steel, tempered glass

Color: silver and black

5-cups uncooked / 10-cups cooked

Makes crunchy tahdig persian rice

60 minute timer

Auto warm function

Cool touch handles

Removable cooking pot

Easy to clean non stick surface

Rice spatula and measuring cup included

500-Watt power

Includes: one 8-cup rice cooker base, 1 tempered glass lid, 1 removable nonstick pot

Rice cooker with lid: 11 in. length, 12 in. width, 9.5 in. height, 4.4 lb. weight, 8-cup (uncooked) rice capacity