8 Cup/4 qt. 2-in-1 Stainless Steel Rice N’ Slow Cooker in Clay Pot


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Discover nature’s culinary secret from unglazed clay. Brings out the rich flavor and nature’s goodness of fresh foods, VitaClay introduces the art of whole living. Simply toss in all the ingredients and press the buttons, your flavorful whole meal is ready as quickly as in 30 minutes or 2 hours.It is a rice cooker / quinoa cooker, a whole gain cooker, a fast slow cooker/ a Steamer / a stew cooker, a soup / a broth cooker and a Warmer.The lead toxin-free, unglazed clay cooking pot activates enzymes and minerals to extract extra flavors and nutrients while increasing food digestibility. Clay is also alkalizing in nature.Easy to operate with a push of button, eliminate guesswork; Delayed timer, automatic to WARM. Perfect for busy professionals and families who want the healthy nourishment of a home-cooked meal on the go. FREE healthy recipe booklet included.Now you can easily prepare any kind of rice 1,2,3-white, brown, sticky or wild. And hearty soups, luscious stews, heavenly pastas are a snap. Plus, steamed veggies with all the vitamins and minerals locked in for your good health.

Cooks 500% faster than a slow cooker, 5-minutes prep into pot, set on 30-minutes to 3-hours depending on meal then automatically stays in warm for 12-hours, comparing to 8-10 hours to produce decent results in a conventional slow cooker

Pre-programmed functions for “rice”, “brown rice”, “stew”, “soup” and in. W arm”, slow cooking timer can be set from 30-minutes up to 12-hours with 30-minute increment

Free of toxic metals and non-stick chemical glazes contacting your food, tested and verified by 3rd party laboratories

Cook, serve and store all in one pot, save your clean job!

Free of toxic metals and non-stick chemicals in your clay pot