7-Egg Cooker


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The Chef’sChoice Electric Egg Cooker is designed to help you quickly cook up to 7 eggs exactly the way that you like them. Its Vari-Cook feature can be used to cook some eggs as soft and others as medium or hard boiled in the same batch. This unit also features an egg tray that lifts out for your convenience and a poaching tray with 3 joined elliptical-shaped cups.

Cooks up to 7 boiled or 3 poached eggs at the same time

Vari-cook feature allows you to cook eggs to varying of doneness in the same batch

Water pan features water level marks to help eliminate the need to measure

Egg tray lifts out for rinsing under cold water or carrying to the table

Poaching tray features 3 joined elliptical-shaped cups

Lighted switch indicates when the cooker is turned on

Electronic timer with an audible ready signal for your convenience

Coated water reservoir resists sticking

Brushed stainless steel finish