.65 Qt. Red and Green Slow Cooker with Removable Pot


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Slow cook your favorite recipes, easily heat your favorite chili and cheese combinations and more with the TACO TUESDAY Mini Fiesta Dippers. Includes two mini (.65 qt.) dippers that allows you to slow cook or keep warm while serving dishes and always delivers consistent, even heat, while its lid traps in moisture and nutrients for delicious results. Make every Fiesta a TACO TUESDAY.

Taco tuesday: each dipper has a .65 qt. capacity – making it perfect for warming up chili, queso, carnitas, beef, chicken and more

Simple to use: all you have to do is plug in the unit and the indicator light will let you know when food is warm and ready to be served

Removable pot: durable, ceramic round pot is removable and easy to clean

Lid covers: each dipper includes a red plastic cover to help keep the heat in

Microwave safe: each 20 oz. pot is removable and microwave safe