6 Qt. Electric Stainless Steel High-Pressure Pressure Cooker


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Cuisinart picks up the pressure with this powerful new High-Pressure Multicooker. Cooking under pressure can finish a meal 70% faster, and with its max 15 psi, this multicooker can do it even faster But versatility is the big story. This is a top-of-line multicooker, with 12 pre-programmed settings for everything from meat to risotto to sauted veggies. Its truly a pot that does it all. And it makes doing it all so easy, with intuitive digital controls and a large easy-to-read LCD. Uniquely shaped and finished, its destined to take center stage on any kitchen counter.


6 Qt. nonstick dishwasher-safe cooking pot

Automatic pressure settings reaching up to 15 psi

Large LCD and digital controls

Automated pressure release

12 preprogrammed settings: custom, meat, stew/chili, soup, stock, beans, rice/grains, risotto, slow cook, steam, Saut/brown, reduce

Unique shape with brushed stainless steel housing