6.3 qt. Silver Deep Fryer with Multiple Safety


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Our electric fryer is ideal for both commercial uses and home uses. It has features of fashionable design, reasonable construction, convenient operation, fast speed in temperature raising etc. Do not hesitant to buy it now.

Stainless steel construction for electric 1-tank fryer

Thermostat control and indicator light

Residue plates for filtering out dregs

Immersion type stainless steel tubular element

Equipped with multiple safety features and designed to be easily broken down daily for cleaning, safe and hygienic

Material: stainless steel

Power supply: 110-Volt/60 hz, maximum-wattage: 2500-Watt

Constant-wattage: 1700-Watt

Oil tank number: 1

Temperature Range:160~375°F

Overall dimension :13 in. L x 17 in. W x 11.5 in. H

Capacity: 6 in. L, net weight: 13.2 lbs./6 Kg

Package Includes: 1-stainless steel commercial deep fryer, 1-free stainless steel fryer basket and 1-frying handle, 1-free stainless steel lid cover, 1-free stainless residue separating plate, 1-handle, 1-instruction manual