5-Speed Black Turbo Hand Mixer with Beaters and Dough Hooks


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Versatile and powerful hand mixer that is simple to use in making a variety of your favorite kitchen recipes. Use this dynamic yet lightweight handheld machine for mixing everything from blending batters and whipping egg whites to mixing stiff cookie doughs. Five adjustable levels of speed plus turbo function when extra power is essential. Comes with four high quality chrome accessories that include beaters and dough hooks. Powered by a 200-Watt professional DC motor, diligently meets all mixing challenges. Classic styling in Black with stainless-steel anti-fingerprint accents. Durable ABS plastic construction.

200-Watt professional dc motor for professional mixing and kneading power

5-adjustable levels of speed plus turbo function

High speeds are ideal for cream, egg whites and meringues

Low speeds for mixing heavy dough, frosting and batter

Ergonomic handle for ease in handling

Anti-fingerprint finishing

Includes chrome accessories: 2-long beaters and 2-dough hooks (dishwasher safe)

Clean housing with damp cloth and dry thoroughly