5-Speed Black and Silver Hand Mixer with Power Boost


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The Proctor Silex Hand Mixer combines durability and a timeless design with power and exceptional performance. It’s made of durable, high-quality materials for a solid look and feel and is backed by a 3 year limited warranty. The powerful 1.3 amp DC motor is built to last. It provides more consistent speed and 15% more torque* to handle heavy ingredients like thick cookie dough, yet it runs quieter for a more enjoyable mixing experience. This will be your go-to hand mixer in the kitchen for years to come. Effortlessly mix everything from chocolate chip cookie dough to cake batter and whipped cream. This versatile hand mixer has 5 speeds plus Boost for extra power when you need it. Slow Start technology provides more control and helps keep ingredients in the bowl, reducing messy splatters. It’s perfect for folding in dry ingredients like flour. The mixer includes stainless steel twisted wire beaters designed to mix faster and clog less for better mixing efficiency. They’re dishwasher safe and easily eject by pressing a button. The cord is designed to stay out of your way when mixing, while Bowl Rest and the nonskid heel reduce tipping when the mixer rests on the bowl.

Powerful, effortless mixing with high-torque dc motor

Versatile with 5-speeds and boost for extra power

Designed to last and work great – made from durable, high-quality materials

Reduce messy splatters with slow start technology

More stability, less tipping – with bowl rest and nonskid heel

Backed by a 3-year limited warranty

Mix more efficiently with stainless steel twisted wire beaters

Cord is designed to stay out of the way when mixing

Keep hands clean when removing beaters using the convenient eject button