5 Qt. White/Gold Electric Multi Pressure Cooker with dial


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Loved by chefs who rely on the highest quality appliances for their restaurants, Cuckoo cookers are now available for the home kitchen. This 5-quart cooker delivers consistent, healthy results and excels at everything from yogurt making, rice cooking to browning meats and slow-cooking stews. Choose from 18-programs to create easy, pressure cooked or slow cooked meals at the touch of a button.

High pressure level at 26 PSI (178 KPA) – throughout Cuckoo’s 40-years of experience in pressure rice cooking technology, it has outdone itself by creating one of the highest pressure cookers at 26 PSI (178 KPA), pressure cooking breaks down the structures in food to make food more nutritious and delicious

18-Versatile menu options – enjoy unique menu options from soup, meat, vegetables, rice, porridge, steam cook, multi cook, slow cook, browning fry, auto clean

Efficient and intelligent our multi cooker features fuzzy logic and intelligent cooking algorithms that expertly detects and regulates temperature and cooking time and with our perfected heating technology, your favorite dishes will be ready in no time without the guesswork

Quality in strength comes with high quality aluminum inner pot with X-wall black coating

safe first, we went the extra mile to ensure our electric multi pressure cookers are safe and easy to use, we have included 14-safety Features for your peace of mind, with our automatic steam and pressure release, lid locking device, auto temperature control and an alarm for overheating,we have created multi cookers that put your safety first

Accessories we provide tools that you can use with your cooker, user manual, cooking guide, rice scoop, measuring cup, steam plate, cleaning Pin

with over 40-years of experience, Cuckoo has perfected the art of pressure cooking, Become a part of the wonderful Cuckoo family and enjoy perfectly cooked meals in no time in one of our stylish multi pressure cookers that will compliment any kitchen