4 qt. (3.8 L) Ti-Cerama Coating Non-Stick Digital Air Fryer


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Now there’s a healthier way to fry all your favorite foods. Daniel Green’s Gotham Steel air fryer is a delicious way to fry any food without using oils, fats or butter. With its amazing new technology that using cyclic circulation of super-heated air making it crispy on the outside yet moist and tender on the inside. And it’s easy to use just place food in the basket, close it and set the timer. In just minutes healthy food that is less fat and with less calories your Gotham Steel air fryer is not only for frying, you can also make pot roast, nachos and so much more. It’s dishwasher safe and can set up to 400 degrees.

Gotham steel digital air fryer is easy to use, with 7-built in presets for popular food items along with a guide for more

Healthy option utilizing rapid air technology which circulates hot air with speed and precision, Gotham steel air fryer cooks food evenly with little to no oil, giving you delicious results with 75% less calories than traditional deep fryers

Versatile and fast air fryer can cook a variety of dishes including: fries, chicken, steak, pork chops, hamburgers, drumsticks, spring rolls, cakes all with little to no oil

Super easy cleanup detachable drawer and basket are coated with a nonstick Ti-Cerama copper coating so nothing sticks to rack and they’re dishwasher safe so cleanup is a breeze

Air fry your favorite foods with little to no oil

Size 4 qt./3.8 l capacity can cook enough food for entire family

Ease of use built in timer and multiple heat presets take guesswork out of cooking with auto shutoff for a seamless experience

Dishwasher safe (parts)