3400-Watt Electric Countertop Deep Fryer Dual Tank Commercial Restaurant Steel


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This is our Dual Tank Electric Fryer. It is ideal for both commercial uses and home uses,such as lower volume restaurant,cafes,mobile catering,fast food stands,snack bars,other foodservice operations and family gathering.It has features of fashionable design,reasonable construction,convenient operation,fast speed in temperature raising etc.

Stainless steel construction for electric 2-tank fryer

Electrical safety isolation switch: ABS control Dial

Tilt back and removable electrical head assemble to assist with cleaning and removal of oil tank

2-temperature controllers; controls tanks separately

Immersion type stainless steel tubular element

Double tank comes with 2 free stainless steel fryer baskets wand plastic handles for preventing scald

Free stainless steel lid covers for preventing the boil oil splashing Residue Plates for filtering out the dregs

Dimensions: 21.4 x 17 x 12/543 x 425 x 295 mm

Capacity: 5.5 L x 2

Temperature range:160 °F -375 °F

Material: stainless steel

Power supply:110V/60 hz. power: 3400W

Overall dimension: 23.5 in. x 17 in. x 11.5 in. (L x W x H) tank dimension: 12.8 in. x 10.5 in. x 6 in. ( L xW x H) basket dimension: 8.3 in. x 7.3 in. x 4 in. ( L x W x H )

Capacity: 6 L x 2

Cord length: 5 ft.

Net weight:22 lbs./10 kg

package includes 2 x stainless steel oil tank, 2 x free electroplating fryer basket and 2 x frying handles(attach to the frying basket) 2 x free stainless steel lid cover, 2 x free stainless residue plate