3-Tier Electric Steamer for Vegetables and Food with Timer, 7.5-Quart, 400-Watts, Auto Shut-Off Feature, White (FS53W)


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Steaming food to PerfectionDid you know that steaming food is the healthiest cooking method around? Unlike other cooking methods steaming doesn’t require the food to be immersed in liquid or cooked by fire. It works this way. The water reaches 212 °F and vaporizes into a smoky mist.This gentle steam then rises enters the small holes in the steamer and wraps in your food like a warm blanket until they’re perfectly cooked inside and out! this method allows the food to cook in its own juice. Hence the food’s original texture flavor and nutritional value are retained. What’s good about this is you do not need fancy equipment to do it!With Ovente 3-tier electric food steamer FS53 series you bring out the Zest and tenderness of food while keeping it hearty and low-fat! Just squeeze a lemon or drizzle homemade spices on your steamed meat and vegetables and you have your healthy meal!

Fast, Easy, Delicious (Just Add Water) – 400 Watts of power steam your favorite vegetables, seafood, meat, eggs, dumplings and all kinds of dim sum within minutes! Keeps everything fresh and moist-perfect for meal prep.

Healthy – Steaming is the #1 healthiest cooking method and soon you won’t be missing the others. It lowers cholesterol because it requires no oil and keeps your food’s natural structure and color while locking in nutrients vitamins and minerals.

Safe & Convenient – Comes equipped with a 60-minute timer with 15-minute intervals so only little supervision is needed. Also comes with a power indicator light and Auto Shut-off when timer is up and/or water tank is empty.

Time-Saver – Comes with 3-tiers of stackable containers (2.5 qt/82 oz capacity each) so you can cook different kinds of foods all at the same time. Total capacity is 7.5 quarts.

Easy to Clean & Store – Because the steamer only requires water there will be no oil or sticky sauces to deal with for clean-up. Simply place the containers in the dishwasher or hand wash as normal.

US-based Customer Service lets you buy with confidence. Ovente warranties that the product shall be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and conditions, for 1 year from the original purchase date.