3.5 Qt. Sleek Black Electric Multi-Cooker and Air Fryer


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Enjoy tasty and healthy foods in style with the MegaChef 3.5 Qt. AirFryer And Multicooker With 7 Pre-programmed Settings in Sleek Black. The clean, rounded edges of this unit make it a stunning addition to your home and kitchen. Whether you plan to entertain or are preparing a warm meal for your closest family and friends, this unit wont be the item you choose to remove from your counter-tops. The Digital Touch Panel makes it easy to operate your new AirFryer and Multicooker. There are even 7 pre-programmed cooking settings to ensure that your most popular fried foods can be made with ease and peace of mind. In addition, you have the ability to manually set your cooking program so that you have complete control of the cooking process. Fry, Roast and Bake your favorite foods hassle-free. Simply load the tray with your foods, choose a setting, and enjoy healthy and delicious meals in no time. The revolutionary technology of the MegaChef 3.5 Qt. AirFryer And Multicooker offers you a faster cooking process, resulting in juicier and healthier foods.

Delicious meals in a fraction of the time: the advanced technology of this air fryer will allow you to create fabulous and delicious meals in much less time as compared to traditional cooking methods, in addition to which, you won’t need to mind the stove and be exposed to potentially painful and dangerous hot splattering oil as with traditional frying

Designed with you in mind: the sleek modern yet compact design of the air fryer brought to you by MegaChef add a touch of style and elegance to any kitchen or space

Healthier meals: with the air fryer from MegaChef, you can enjoy the same crispy and crunchy foods while having used only a small fraction of the oil traditionally required for such dishes as fried chicken, French fries, and other fried foods

Ease of use and cleaning: the air fryer from MegaChef offers simplicity of use with 7 programmed cooking options as well as the ability to set your own cooking times to suit your needs

Compact space saving design: measuring in at 12.5 in. in height, 12 in. of depth and 10 in. of width, this unit easily fits onto most kitchen counter tops and under most kitchen cabinets