3.2 Qt. Stainless Steel Deep Fryer with Fry Basket


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PREMIUM 12.5 Cup Stainless Steel Deep Fryer provides quality fried foods in a convenient storable size. Perfect for preparing Vegetables, Fish, Steak, and Chicken. Included are several important safety features such as Anti-Slip handles, Power-on and Temperature Ready Indicator Lights, and a Clear View Window in the Stainless-Steel lid to allow users to monitor food without removing the cover. With a Removable Oil tank, cleanup has never been simpler.

12.5 cup oil capacity fryer

Stainless steel cover with clear window allows users to monitor food without removing the lid

Fry basket with anti-slip handle for safe operation

Carbon activated filter reduces odors

Adjustable temperature control with 60-minute timer

Power-on and temperature ready indicator lights ensures the oil is ready to cook

Enameled removable oil tank makes clean-up a breeze

Basket hangs on the edge of the deep fryer for food preparation prior to lowering into the oil

Frying guide included

1-year limited warranty on parts and labor