3.2-qt. Double Slow Cooker 1.6-Qt each with Warm Settings Glass Lids Stainless Steel


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Convenience and style come together with the courant slow cooker series. Whip up savory dishes anytime, Using basic ingredients available on hand. Our great series of slow cookers are designed to turn “simple input into delicious output”. No more Hassling with time limitations, With Courant, you get to create dinner at Your convenience. When preps are done, just lower the heat setting, head off to accomplish your scheduled tasks, and allow the flavors to seep in while stewing slowly. Made of Stainless steel design, with easy cool touch handles, is also dishwasher safe for added convenience. Amaze the family with impressive dinners using courant slow cookers. We call it savory heaven.

Each pot is 1.6 QT, total amount is 3.2 QT

Removable ceramic pot

Brushed stainless steel design

Settings – low, high, warm, off

Power indicator light

Tempered glass lid

Cool touch handles and knobs