26 qt. Stainless Steel Air Fryer with Rotisserie


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HOMLUX air fryer toaster oven combo makes it easy to bake, roast, dehydrate and reheat your favorite meats, vegetables, and breakfasts. 360° pressure-convection hot air speeds up cooking by 70%, and reduces grease by 15%. It can cook pizza and has 3-cooking levels. Multifunctionality is the hallmark of the multifunctional oven fryer toaster oven. We’ve added multiple accessories and increased the cooking area to allow you to prepare many dishes simultaneously. The HOMLUX air fryer toaster oven can replace traditional appliances such as a microwave, convection oven and slow cooker.

Innovative steam: steam and air fryer work in tandem to constantly emit steam, this allows the food to quickly absorb the steam, locking in the freshness and moisture, high-temperature steam can improve the cooking process by up to 60%, this makes the food healthier and more delicious

Healthy, powerful: etl listed for safety, 1700 w strong power makes super efficient to cook food in the healthiest way by cutting over 85% of fats, the large glass viewing window and the inner oven light make it easy for you to see what is happening in your kitchen

Presets for cooking: 40-premade recipes that will make you a gourmet chef every day, roast, broil, steak, defrost, dehydrate, cookies, bagel, digital touch screen control for precise temperature and time control, simple use

Expanding cooking options: with 6-accessories, it provides you with more possibilities, including a wire rack, air fryer basket, baking pan, fetch rack, crumb tray, rotisserie

Best customer service: The oven comes with a one-year warranty to provide our customers with a better shopping experience