21 in. 85 lb. Capacity Natural Gas Commercial Fryer


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The SABA gas floor fryer is engineered with high performance and efficiency. This unit has an impressive 120,000 BTU/hr and features thermostatic controls to automatically keep oil at a set temperature between 200° to 400°F. This powerful fryer is designed with durable stainless-steel which creates reliable, safe and even heat distribution throughout the unit. The fryer features a stainless-steel fryer tank and a large cold zone to prevent carbonization of food particles or debris at the bottom. Our fryers are all designed with American made Robert Shaw control systems, to guarantee the best performance. This affordable fryer is perfect to meet your daily demands to fry a variety of products. SABA carries gas fryers in 2 sizes, 45 lb. capacity and 85 lb. capacity and both sizes come in natural gas and liquid propane.

Tube design with baffles inside for better heat transfer

Large cold zone to prevent scorching of food particles at the bottom

Prompt temperature recovery to make sure fries are crispy

Thermostat adjusts from 93°C/200°F to 204°C/400°F

450F/232C hi-limiter guarantees safety