2.5 qt. Black Air Fryer


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The Magic Bullet Air Fryer is capable to preparing some of your favorite fried foods quickly and without the added calories that come with oil used in deep frying. The 2.5 qt. air fryer is compact but also large enough to make up to three servings of your favorite fried foods at one time. Enjoy crisp and tasty air-fried entrees or snacks with the Magic Bullet Air Fryer today.

Perfect timing: icons with times and temps for popular foods like fried, chicken wings, and vegetables

Wide range: set temperature anywhere from 180°F to 400°F to fry a variety of foods

60-minute timer: overcooking is a thing of past with a 60-minute dial timer that activates an auto shut-off as soon as timer is up

Crisp and tasty: crisping plate makes perfectly crisp results for any type of food with little to no oil required

25 qt. : personal-sized and perfect for up to 3-servings of your favorite air-fried snacks compact air fryer is perfect for apartment living and dorm life