16-Cup Rice Cooker with Steam Tray and Glass Lid in White


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Cook perfect, fluffy rice every time with the Tayama 8-Cup Rice Cooker. Makes up to 16-Cups of cooked rice (using 8-Cups of uncooked rice). No more waiting for water to boil or watching the pot on the stovetop, this unit automatically cooks rice and switches to “Keep Warm” when cooking is complete, keeping food hot and fresh before serving. It includes an easy to clean removable cooking pot, an easy to read measuring-Cup and spatula for easy serving and a tempered glass lid for convenient viewing.

Heavy duty construction

Steamer attachment with cool touch handles

Removable non-stick cooking pot for easy cleaning

Keep- warm function to keep food fresh before serving

See-through glass lid for convenient viewing of cooking

16-cups cooked/8-cups uncooked