1500 W 8-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster Oven with Knob Control


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This Performance Air Fry Countertop Oven uses innovative Heat Technology to deliver more even heat for superior cooking and crisping results, in a modern, premium design. Add a delicious crisp to foods with the air fry function or choose from any of the built-in presets featuring all major cooking methods, including a dehydrate function. Its exquisite interior is quite enough to fit a 15″ pizza and toast 8 slices of bread with delectable results.

[MULTI-USAGES] This oven has multiple functions. Not only includes Baking, Toasting, Grill, but also Defrost or Heat Preservation, to keep food warm.

[EASY OPERATION] This oven is easy to operate with simple instruction. To rotate the knob control to set the temperature and timer.

[LARGE SIZE] Appropriate big size just for family. With 25L capacity fits up to 6-8 servings. Easy to make 8 Slices of Toast or a 15 Inches Pizza at one time. Dimension: 16.5*15.7*15.7 inch.

[SAFE COOKING] Glass Viewing Window and lights built inside allows cooker to track cooking progress. Protect users’ safety while cooking. 3D Hot Wind technology provide healthy oil free food.

[EASY-TO-CLEAN] The interior of this oven is oil-proofing. Easy-to-clean interior and removable crumb tray makes cleanup fast and efficient. Be no afraid of splashing oil and enjoy your cooking!