1400 W 6-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster Oven with Quantum Air Fry Technology


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Air fry food 47% faster* and make whole meals in 20 minutes or less. By optimizing its airflow and convection technology, the Hamilton Beach Quantum Air Fryer Toaster Oven has a 47% faster* air frying speed than a leading toaster oven. You can cook a whole pound of frozen, crinkle-cut fries in under 12 minutes! Not only does this innovative appliance air fry fast, it has a large interior that fits a whole 5 lb. chicken, 1 lb. of fries, 6 slices of toast or 12″ pizza. Once you have this versatile appliance in your kitchen, you’ll find yourself using it from breakfast to dinner. It has 5 cooking modes so you can air fry, bake, convection bake, broil and toast up to 6 slices. The temperature adjusts up to 450° F, and the 30 minute cooking timer also has a stay-on setting that lets you cook as long as you want. Featuring a stylish stainless steel exterior that looks great in every kitchen. Includes deluxe air fry basket, bake pan, broil rack, oven rack and front slide-out crumb tray.

47% faster* air frying

Cooks 1 lb. of frozen fries in under 12 minutes**

Large interior fits a whole 5 lb. chicken, 1 lb. of fries, 6 slices of toast or 12″ pizza

Easy customizable cooking controls

Includes 5 accessories

Easy to clean