1200 W Metal Black Toaster Oven with Rotisserie and Time Control


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Compact size. This toaster oven is compact. It doesn’t take up much counter space. Makes a good gift to start off your new apartment. It’s not heavy. Fits perfectly into small places heats up quick and very easy to use.Perfect size for the counter and easy to use.Matches coffee pot and trailer decor perfect.

3-functions in 1, this toaster oven is perfect for bake, broil, a toast, and all viewable through an adorable functional window/door

It is also great for reheating, small pizzas, cauliflower wings etc.

Built in timer, toaster oven cooks fast so make sure you watch whatever you put in there

Very convenient for hearing things up quickly and not digital so you just turn knobs, it has good “ding” timer to let you know whatever you threw in is done doing its thing

Versatile and quality material: heavy duty professional grade but can be cut to size easily with household scissors, easily tolerates temperatures up to about 500°; can be used as an oven or pan liner, baking/cooking sheet or mat

Easy to clean toaster oven has more power and is easy to clean, outside is also easy to clean too