10 Qt. Stainless Steel Air Fryer Oven with Basket


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The Elite Gourmet Infinite-Use Air Fryer Oven has a variety of functions to give the chef in your home unlimited cooking potential. With easy to use Preset functions and Timer and Temperature controls, you can fast fry, cook, bake, roast, rotisserie and even dehydrate your favorite meals and snacks fast and easy. Enjoy crispy healthy foods without the mess and calories. It’s faster than conventional cooking methods, no added fats or oils and saves time and energy. Unlike deep fryers, Elite’s Air Fryer Oven circulates dynamic-hot air which automatically makes food crispy, tasty, juicy and tender without, oil and it’s healthier.

Digital led display with preset functions: French fries, fish, steak, chicken, pizza, bread, cake, vegetable, warm, rotisserie and dehydrate, adjustable 60-minute timer with auto shut-off and audible t1-adjustable temperature control: 0-450°f, 1500w, includes wire rack, bake pan, mesh frying basket, prepare an endless variety of healthy foods using little to no oil, foods are crispy outside and moist inside, faster, healthier and more energy efficient than conventional cooking and frying methods

Easy to use with 8 preset functions and convenient timer and temperature adjustments

Beautiful and compact design to compliment every kitchen”

Capacity: 10 L stainless steel exterior with glass door

Convenient oven light

Optional: Blue grey body housing