10 qt. Slate Air Fryer Vortex Pro Oven, Digital


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From the 1 brand of air fryers in the United States, the PowerXL Vortex Air Fryer Pro gives you precise, superior crisping power and extra-large 10-qt. cooking capacity ideal for families and gatherings. Rapid Vortex Air Circulation with advanced heating elements cook and crisp your food in a whirlwind vortex of superheated hot air for the perfect, golden-fried taste and texture on all sides without added oil. 10-Pre-Programmed Smart Settings with precise temperature control let you air fry, rotisserie, bake, roast, dehydrate, make homemade pizza, and so much more to delicious, even doneness. Enjoy golden-brown French fries and onion rings you thought were off limits or make fish, chicken and burgers with a crisp outside and tender inside. You can even roast fresh meats and vegetables, bake homemade doughnuts, or dehydrate fresh fruit. There’s no added butter, oil, or lard required, saving you up to 70% calories vs. unhealthy deep-fried food. Dishwasher-safe parts make clean-up fast and easy Source: The NPD Group

6-in-1 multi-use design: air fry, broil, bake, roast, dehydrate, reheat

10-one-touch programs: french fries, steak, chicken, fish, shrimp, bake, roast, dehydrating, pizza & reheat

Accessories -1 x oil tray 3 x air flow racks (flat)1 x rotisserie spit1 x fetch tool recipe bookibquick start guide true air frying technology with a heat element and fan working together to deliver super heated, vortex air

Oil tray, 3-air flow racks, rotisserie spit, fetch tool, recipe booklet & instruction manual

39 in. cord length