1 qt. White Mini Ceramic Stew Slow Cooker with Pre-Settings and Built-In Timer


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Tayama Mini Electric Ceramic Stew Cooker is compact and combines traditional cooking technology with modern home small appliance design. How does the electric stew pot operate. The heating source transfers heat slowly and evenly to the delicate food in the porcelain stew pot through the steam and water which helps retain the natural original flavors and nutrition of the food. Preset functions included: Dessert, Steam, Porridge, Bird’s nest, Keep warm, Soup, and adjustable timer feature. Cook your favorite herbal tonic stews year round.

Water stewing efficiently retains the natural original flavors and nutrients of the stew

Multiple functions: dessert, steam, porridge, bird’s nest, keep warm, soup

High quality ceramic porcelain stew pot and lid

Transparent top cover for easy viewing

Overheat protection and auto shut-off protection

Automatically switches to keep warm mode

Uses PTC to heat, power reduces when water is low